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Pay off your dream surgery with a CosMediPay layby plan!

  • Pay off the balance in full before you have your surgery
  • Not finance – so no credit checks, interest or fees
  • No approval process
  • Can be applied to any procedure or package including accommodation
  • Make payments whenever you wish, up until 4 weeks prior to surgery
  • Procedure price locked in / no increases once payment plan started (for standard cases)
  • Flexible payment amounts and choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Live invoice link to view your up-to-date balance remaining
  • Can be cancelled at any time with a full refund (less your deposit)*

CosMediPay Payment Plan Option Examples

Total Surgery Price (AUD) Payment Plan
3 Years
Payment Plan
2 Years
Payment Plan
1 Year
$6,880 $40/week $62/week $129/week
$7,990 $51/week $77/week $153/week
$8,490 $54/week $82/week $163/week
$8,990 $57/week $86/week $172/week
$9,990 $64/week $96/week $192/week
$10,990 $70/week $105/week $211/week
$11,990 $77/week $115/week $230/week
$12,990 $83/week $125/week $250/week
$13,990 $90/week $135/week $270/week
$14,990 $96/week $144/week $288/week
$16,990 $109/week $163/week $327/week
$17,990 $115/week $173/week $346/week
$22,990 $147/week $221/week $442/week
$28,990 $186/week $277/week $557/week
$33,990 $218/week $327/week $654/week
$35,990 $230/week $346/week $692/week
$37,990 $244/week $365/week $731/week
$38,990 $250/week $375/week $750/week
$39,990 $256/week $385/week $769/week


  • $1,000 or $2,000 (Mummy Makeover) Deposit Required to start a Payment Plan
  • The full balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to departure
  • Top up with additional payments at any time at your own discretion, there are no early payout fees.
  • Total balance owed will depend on the foreign exchange rate at the time of your final payment, your total balance may be adjusted at this time
  • *Cancel at any time for a full refund less your deposit. Conditions apply. See our Cancellation Policy

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