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With our interest-free layby service, you can budget, plan and pay for your procedure ahead of time. Just like lay-bying an item in a retail store, you can place your surgery on a payment plan, spreading the cost across weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments so that by the time your surgery date comes around, you’ve already paid for it. With no fees, no credit checks, and no approvals required, you can start your journey today, without getting to debt.

Wondering what your payments will look like? Take a look at our ready reckoner…

Total Surgery Price (AUD) Payment Plan
3 Years
Payment Plan
2 Years
Payment Plan
1 Year
$6,880 $40/week $62/week $129/week
$7,990 $51/week $77/week $153/week
$8,490 $54/week $82/week $163/week
$8,990 $57/week $86/week $172/week
$9,990 $64/week $96/week $192/week
$10,990 $70/week $105/week $211/week
$11,990 $77/week $115/week $230/week
$12,990 $83/week $125/week $250/week
$13,990 $90/week $135/week $270/week
$14,990 $96/week $144/week $288/week
$16,990 $109/week $163/week $327/week
$17,990 $115/week $173/week $346/week
$22,990 $147/week $221/week $442/week
$28,990 $186/week $277/week $557/week
$33,990 $218/week $327/week $654/week
$35,990 $230/week $346/week $692/week
$37,990 $244/week $365/week $731/week
$38,990 $250/week $375/week $750/week
$39,990 $256/week $385/week $769/week


  • $1,000 or $2,000 (Mummy Makeover) Deposit Required to start a Payment Plan
  • The full balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to departure
  • Make additional payments at any time at your own discretion, there are no early payout fees.
  • Total balance owed will depend on the foreign exchange rate at the time of your final payment, your total balance may be adjusted at this time
  • *Cancel at any time for a full refund less your deposit. Conditions apply. See our Cancellation Policy


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