CosMediTour’s Optimal Recovery Plan Vs the ‘Rapid Recovery Technique’

Like many things in life, slow and steady generally wins the race. This is also very much the case when it comes to Plastic Surgery! You’re investing so much in your dream surgery, and that is why CosMediTour Surgeons have devised the unique Optimal Recovery Plan for long term surgery results over gimmick like techniques such as the ‘rapid recovery technique’, which is commonly promoted as “out to dinner breast implants”. CosMediTour does not encourage this statement. Like anatomy, it is vital to remember that everyone’s pain threshold is different. Whilst one client may feel 100% and choose to go out for dinner the night after surgery, another client may be in discomfort for up to seven days.

The intricate Optimal Recovery Plan takes into account surgery preparation for the patient:

  • Use of an insertion sleeve for implantation that ensures a smaller incision, optimal placement, and much less pressure on breast tissue
  • Breast Augmentation 14-Point-Plan
  • Surgical techniques that will minimise tissue trauma and bleeding, which is the major cause of capsular contraction
  • Implant placement for optimal results
  • Specialist surgery equipment such as the Electrosurgery Diathermy device for precise cauterization of tissue with minimal bleeding
  • An advanced anaesthesia approach using special anaesthetic techniques such as localised nerve blocks
  • Combined with intraoperative anaesthetic agents to reduce pain post surgery and inflammation
  • Post surgery recovery bra with stabilizing straps
  • Post surgery medications

Optimal Recovery Plan – Pre and During Surgery

First and foremost, CosMediTour Surgeons only work with highly skilled Anaesthetists, whose vital role is to ensure their patients are pain-free before and during surgery. Though Breast Augmentation surgery is generally a pain-free procedure, by minimising pain and discomfort before and during surgery, this allows for a smoother post surgery recovery and superior long term surgery results. By using specialised anaesthetic techniques such as localised nerve blocks in combination with intraoperative anaesthetic agents, inflammation, pain and discomfort can be reduced post surgery.

In line with CosMediTour’s Optimal Recovery Plan, our CosMediTour Surgeons are highly skilled in breast surgery, which includes complex surgical techniques such as dual plane and under the muscle implant placement. Surgeons who promote ‘rapid recovery’, will generally recommend above the muscle implant placement, as they do not specialise in the more complex surgical techniques like dual plane and under the muscle implant placement. CosMediTour’s Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Moradi suggests as a guide, if you choose to have under the muscle implant placement, you should expect a little more discomfort post surgery, as it is a more complex, intrusive surgical procedure in comparison to above the muscle implant placement.

A key process of the Optimal Recovery Plan is the use of the renowned Insertion Sleeve, brands CosMediTour Surgeons use include the Keller Funnel or MotivaImagine. The Insertion Sleeve is an innovative medical device used to assist CosMediTour Surgeons with contactless insertion and positioning of breast implants during Breast Augmentation surgery and alleviating the need for contact with the implants. The Insertion Sleeve has also been recommended by world-renowned as a preventative measure for post surgery Breast Augmentation complications and for optimal implant longevity. Read more about the Insertion Sleeve here

During surgery, the Breast Augmentation 14-Point-Plan is used to assist CosMediTour Surgeon in minimising the number of bacteria that can contaminate breast implants. It was first published in 2013 and has since been widely adopted all around the world. Bacterial contamination of breast implants at the time of surgery has been shown to cause capsular contracture hardening, pain and deformity following breast implant surgery. The 14-Point-Plan outlines strategies that can be incorporated into breast implant surgery that reduce the number of bacteria that can contaminate the breast implant surface. You can read more about the Breast Augmentation 14-Point-Plan here

To ensure long term surgery results and optimal recovery, all CosMediTour Surgeons perform Electrosurgery – use of an innovative medical device called a Diathermy Machine.

What exactly is a Diathermy Machine?

A Diathermy Machine, also known as an Electric Scalpel, uses ‘Diathermy’ high-frequency alternate polarity radio-wave electrical currents to precisely cut tissue during surgery. This innovative medical device allows CosMediTour Surgeons to perform surgery using precise incisions, ensuring blood loss is reduced, furthermore reducing inflammation, increased pain, discomfort, complications and bruising post surgery.

I have noticed some surgeons using the ‘rapid recovery’ only use a local anesthetic for the skin incision? Do you use a local anesthetic for the skin incision?

No, performing surgery under twilight or local anesthetic does not allow an accurate dissection of the subpectoral (under the muscle) or dual plane muscle pocket. CosMediTour Surgeons only use general anaesthesia.

Optimal Recovery Plan – Post-Surgery

Post Surgery medications

Post surgery medications are a key part of CosMediTour’s Optimal Recovery Plan and that is why all CosMediTour clients are prescribed pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, and if required, anti-nausea, muscle relaxant and a stool softener by their Surgeons post surgery.

Should I wear my post surgery bra after Breast Augmentation surgery?

Yes, all clients are required to wear the premium post surgery bra, and stabilizing straps (if required for additional support), available from their Surgeon’s Clinic. Dr Moradi advises wearing these for at least 4-week post surgery.

When can I return to normal activities after having Breast Augmentation surgery?

This is a question we get asked a lot and it really depends on the individual, implant size and implant placement. With the Optimal Recovery Plan, CosMediTour’s Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Moradi suggests preparing for a week off work and up to a weeks’ worth of discomfort. You can always go back to work earlier, although a week gives you plenty of time to recover and take care of your new breasts, (please note this does not include going to the gym, playing sports, lifting heavy items).

When can I return to the gym after breast augmentation surgery?

CosMediTour’s Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Moradi suggests clients can recommence low-impact cardio exercises, such as walking or a gentle bike ride from seven days post surgery, and a return back to the gym from four weeks post surgery.

I have noticed surgeons advising to lift my hands up straight after surgery. Should I lift my hands above my head straight after Breast Augmentation surgery?

No, generally speaking, you should not lift your hands above shoulder height straight after surgery to ensure optimal healing, and always remember to listen to your body.

Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

Written by CosMediTour Australia

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