Frequently Asked Questions

Question Topic Response
Assessment process  To start the process and receive a quote and recommendation, all clients will be required to complete and submit our Assessment Form and 6 required images. This is the first step in the process.
Accommodation  For those travelling to the Gold Coast or Sydney for Surgery, we offer a number of accommodation options for our clients at special rates. See our Travel page for all accommodation options!
Age Limits  You must be 18+ years old to be eligible for surgery.
Before and After Photos We have a large collection of real CosMediTour clients before and after images on our website. See our Client Reviews page to view our gallery. We also frequently post new client images on our Facebook and Instagram pages!
Can I Breastfeed After Breast Surgery? Most of our clients continue to breastfeed post-surgery with no complications, however, this should be discussed with your GP pre-surgery, as some women cannot breastfeed irrespective of having surgery. 
Can I choose my implants and size? Your implant sizing is based on your skin quality and the dimensions of your body. You should always have your desired outcome in mind, however, you must be open-minded, as the final recommendation is determined by your Surgeon.
Can I have a consultation with the Surgeon before I do the assessment? The assessment process must be completed first to ensure you are eligible for surgery. See our Online Assessment form for a recommendation and quote.
Cancellation/ Refund policy Please review our Cancellation Policy
CosMediTour Private Facebook Forum Our Private Women only CosMediTour Facebook Forum is a CLOSED GROUP for booked clients only. You will be invited to join the Forum once you have paid the deposit with CosMediTour. If you have an issue gaining access to the forum, contact your Client Manager directly.
Currently Breastfeeding – Can I Have Surgery? You are required to be at least 6 months post breastfeeding before undergoing any surgery under Anaesthetic. Please only proceed with your online assessment once you have ceased breastfeeding. See our Educational blog Breastfeeding and breast surgery for more information.
Companions You will be required to have a companion who is not having surgery to discharge you from the hospital and spend the night with you post-surgery. If you plan on travelling alone, please contact your Client Manager.
Deposit A deposit is required to secure your Surgical Recommendation and surgery date. This amount will be deducted from the final procedure invoice and is non-refundable. Please review our Cancellation Policy for more information.
Drinking Alcohol Alcohol is a blood thinner and you must not drink 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post-surgery.
Exercising post-surgery The first 6 weeks post-surgery is crucial for recovery. No heavy lifting over 5kgs for the first 6 weeks. Including children. Ease into your normal activities over 3 months without compromising your surgery with strenuous activity, exercise, running, jumping, heavyweights etc.
Finance and payment plans We offer a range of Payment Plan options for Australian and New Zealand residents. See our Payment Plans page for more information.
Hospitals  See our Hospitals Page for more information about our Gold Coast and Sydney Hospitals
How long do I stay in the Hospital? Your procedure will determine your hospital stay, this can be either a day surgery or up to two nights stay.
Nails, Piercings & Tattoos Please remove all coloured polish from all nails and toes. A nurse can remove nipple piercings pre-surgery, and place them back after surgery. We recommend waiting a few months after your procedure before having a tattoo performed.
Pain Mild to moderate pain and sometimes even severe discomfort is normal. Pain medication is prescribed and can be adjusted as required. The pain normally lasts from 1 – 2 weeks and should lessen every day.
Post Op Garments Can be purchased directly at the hospital, you must wear this garment for the length your Surgeon recommends.
Pregnancy If you are currently pregnant, we cannot provide you with a quote or surgical recommendation until 6 months post breastfeeding.
Research It is highly recommended that you do your own credible research about your procedure including the potential risks and complications. Please see our Educational Blog page.
Risks & Complications Every surgical and cosmetic procedure has potential risks and complications and should be thoroughly researched prior to surgery. This will be discussed during your consultation with your surgeon.
Refunds Please review our Cancellation Policy
Smoking Smoking pre and post-surgery increases the risk of infection, necrosis and slows recovery. See our educational blog ‘The impact smoking has on surgery’
Surgery Warranty The breast implant brands we offer come with their own Warranty. There is an additional Revision Warranty available for Breast Augmentation patients only, that can be purchased at the Hospital. Our Surgery Travel Warranty is only applicable to clients having surgery in Thailand.
Swimming It is best to initially avoid swimming and then limit extended exposure to water; baths, steam, saunas, pools, ocean, particularly to any suture sites, for the first couple of weeks, then up to 3 months. Suture sites are porous and susceptible to infection and will result in poor healing and bad scarring. If you are in water, ensure that it is not for extended times and dry off your suture sites completely, and make sure any bandages or tapes are not soaking wet. If they are, they will need to be changed.
Tanning No fake/spray tans before surgery. It is not advisable to expose your suture sites to sunlight after surgery for up to 3 months.
When is the consultation? If you are a local (within 3-4 hours from the Hospital), your consultation will be held 2-4 weeks prior to surgery, to ensure your quote and recommendation is still valid. If you are not local, your consultation will be held 1-3 days prior to your surgery.
Weight For optimum results, we recommend being at your goal weight, and within a healthy BMI range, prior to having surgery. Any weight fluctuations post-surgery will affect your aesthetic outcome. See here for more information.

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