Follow Tamara’s Gold Coast Surgery Experience via Snapchat!

Health and Fitness blogger Tamara Warrington has decided to document her entire Gold Coast Breast Augmentation Surgery experience via social media!

The day before Tamara’s Breast Augmentation surgery she will be taking over the CosMediTour snapchat account, where you will be able to see in real time, updates from Tamara about her journey so far. She will discuss everything from pre surgery feelings, to the ups and downs she experiences before and after her procedure. For anyone considering or interested in surgery, add ‘cosmeditour’ on snap chat and follow Tamara’s Instagram account @marra_jane as for more updates!

Here’s what Tamara had to say via social media leading up to the big day! 



“Now that I’ve got your attention
No but that is actually my subject haha so do read on !

I’m getting boobs , and I’m going to be blogging about my full experience on my Instagram , snapchat and some posts here on Facebook . And before you say – but you’ve got boobs – I’m wearing a push up bra in this picture and pushing my boobs together with my elbows.

I’m a massive believer in working for the body you want and the life you want but no matter what I eat or how many exercises I do I cannot increase my boob size . I’ve been wanting them for years and been back and forth with the idea of it. But I’ve spent the last 3 years in my own space working on me and I’m 100% certain I want them – for me. Not to impress anyone. And no it doesn’t make me a ” fake person ” I’m still me – just with a better rack. 

I will be going with a company on the Gold Coast @cosmeditour in July, sharing my whole journey – pre op, any ups, downs, pain, recovery. I will also have to stop exercise for 6 weeks and my jp for 2 weeks so I will be blogging about this too. I’ll happily answer any questions in this time about these topics.”

Pre Surgery Consultation



“How cool is this 3D vectra imaging ! Can choose the size and profile to fit you and your goals 👌🏻 the far left is currently me. Size wise – Middle or right ?” 






1 sleep more sleep until the big day!

“Ahhh this time tomorrowwwww I’ll be getting boobs! I’m so freaking excited and slightly nervous now. From today until Wednesday I’ll be taking over @cosmeditour Snap Chat! Will probably be living in this above filter for the few days post surgery – one of my biggest fears relates to my arms. Weird I know. But I’ll be talking about it today on their snap . If you or one of your girl friends is curious about the procedure of boobs, I’ll be sharing it alllll – from within the hospital (not the theatre) and everything post as I couldn’t find much relatable info out there. So be sure to follow my IG & Snap too”


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