Round Vs. Teardrop Implants

We ladies have breasts that come in all shapes and sizes! Therefore, when it comes to breast surgery the more informed you are about the range of implants available, the better chance you have at successfully achieving YOUR desired surgery outcome.

Which Implant Shape?

There are two breast implant shapes available – Round and Teardrop (Anatomical) with varying profiles and sizes (see implants blog). You may have a preference prior to your surgery, however, it’s best not to have your heart set on one shape without consulting your surgeon and exploring your options first.

Your Surgeon will choose the best implant for your anatomy and your desired outcome. However, understanding the purpose of different implant shapes available will help you understand your surgeon’s recommendation and set your expectations.

Implant shape is dependent on:

  • Your individual anatomy in particular chest shape
  • Your natural body type (eg: slim, muscular, petite or broader body type)
  • The amount of natural breast tissue you have
  • The position/shape of your natural breast tissue (for example Tuberous breasts)
  • Nipple position
  • Distance between your breasts
  • The level of ptosis (sagging)
  • The distance from your nipple to your inframammary fold
  • Your desired surgery outcome or “look” you are hoping to achieve

When surgeons place an implant into your chest they like the nipple to be in front of the highest point of projection. In round implants, this is exactly in the centre, in teardrop implants this is slightly lower on the implant (see image below). This can be the initial indicator as to which implant suits you best.

If your nipple sits below this position then it can cause your nipple position to angle down and give the look/illusion that your breasts are saggy when they are not.

Round Implants

Round implants are the more commonly used implants and typically achieve more upper pole fullness with a distinct round appearance. This completely symmetrical implant is best suited to those with a near-perfect natural breast shape, minimal breast sagging (ptosis) and central nipple placement.

As the implant is perfectly round, the implant will simply emphasise the natural shape you already have. If you’re seeking a more augmented look with a lot of upper breast fullness, round implants may be a good choice for you.

You may be a suitable candidate for round implants if you have:

  • Minimum ptosis (sagging) in the breasts
  • Central nipple placement
  • Breasts that don’t sit too far apart on your chest
  • A near-perfect natural breast shape

Advantages of a Round implant may include:

  • No shape alteration in the case of implant rotation
  • Lower cost

See client results with Round Implants

Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants

This versatile implant shape is fast becoming a more popular choice for many patients. The implant is as the name suggests, is shaped like a teardrop – with more fullness in the lower half of the implant. Therefore, the implant more closely mimics the natural breast shape and creates a smooth, tapered upper pole transition for a natural contour of the breast and is better suited to more breast types than a round implant.

A Teardrop implant offers greater projection and is suitable for clients with very mild ptosis, lower-placed nipples and those with tuberous breasts. Teardrop implants are a great choice for those with lower body fat or are seeking a natural appearance.

You may be a suitable candidate for Teardrop implants if you have:

  • Minimum breast tissue/slim or petite body type
  • Mild breast ptosis (sagging tissue)
  • Low sitting nipple placement
  • Wideset breasts
  • A short distance from the areola to the breast fold

Advantages of a teardrop implant may include:

  • More “side boob”
  • Better cleavage due to the wider diameter of the implant
  • May lift and centralise the nipple position
  • Natural-looking appearance

See client results with Teardrop Implants

Note: Teardrop implants do not alleviate the need for a breast lift if this has been recommended for you! Although it is important to research and understand the differences between the implants, ultimately, your Surgeon is best to advise which implant shape is best suited to you and your desired outcome or “dream boob” goals.

Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

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