Unbeatable $6,990 Breast Augmentation

For years CosMediTour have been sending Australian and international patients to Thailand and the Gold Coast for surgery. In October 2015 we expanded our affordable Surgery offers to Sydney – with an exclusive alliance with leading Australian Surgeons and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Sydney Breast Augmentation from $6,990 by a Plastic Surgeon!

This Breast Augmentation price includes a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Cohesive Silicone Gel implants up to 400cc, General Anaesthesia and Specialist Anaesthetist, Private Hospital, and more.

CosMediTour Hospitals

CosMediTour and its Plastic Surgeons offer a number of private hospitals in Sydney - all of which are ACHS Accredited Private Hospitals, licensed to offer Operating Theatres with full General Anaesthesia and all associated medical equipment. Depending on the actual surgical procedure and the proposed date of your surgery, the Sydney Private Hospital will be nominated. For example, with Breast Lift Procedures we require 1-2 nights overnight stay, and only some hospitals can offer private inpatient overnight accommodation.

Sydney Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

Across all of our surgery destinations we only use fully qualified leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons - with acknowledged specialty and expertise in all breast surgery procedures. Contact us for surgeon profiles and before and after photos.

Sydney Partner Hotels

For Clients who do not live locally, contact us to arrange your Sydney accommodation. We have a convenient Hotel 100m away from the hospital with competitive rates. Let us have an indication of your preferred Sydney location and budget, and we’ll quote you the most convenient accommodation we can offer you - for single, double or family use.

Enquire today to start your Surgical Journey!

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