TV Series Casting

Operation Thailand Season 1 on air: 10PM AEST every Tuesday from 2 May 2017 | Networks: Channel Nine (others TBA)

Casting for Season 2 of Operation Thailand will be announced soon! See official Operation Thailand website for details 

The 10 episode TV series will be filmed and produced by WTFN, the award-winning Australian Film and Production company. WTFN is best known for its back to back Logie award-winning Lifestyle TV program The Living Room and the international Bondi Vet series, now in its 8th season and watched by millions of viewers in over 170 territories.

The Talent Patients we are looking for:

  • Women and Men from all walks of life and different ethnicities
  • Those interested in their personal medical travel journey being shown to free to air and pay TV and other channel viewers in Australia and overseas
  • People with interesting or compelling background stories – why they are seeking cosmetic plastic surgery, dental treatments or other medical treatments
  • Interested in having a procedure(s) or treatment(s) in Thailand
  • Available to travel to Thailand during September and October 2016 for 8+ nights, depending on the medical or dental procedure/s required
  • Flexible with either Bangkok, Phuket or other Regional Thailand destinations

Successful applicants will be filmed:

  • While in AUSTRALIA Pre and Post Surgery
  • In THAILAND during consultations, procedures and follow ups at the Hospitals or Clinics
  • In THAILAND at airports, hotels, resorts, on tours, sightseeing and other activities
  • Some Talent/Patients (eg: Breast and other body procedures) may require some nudity. If this is an issue please discuss with us.

The TV series will showcase successful applicants’ medical travel journeys and experiences, and will be distributed in Australia and internationally by WTFN and associated companies to free to air and pay TV networks, and other digital channels.

To be successful to be cast in the TV Series applicants will need to be approved for surgery or other procedures and treatments by the hospitals, clinics and other health care providers selected by CosMediTour. If approved through CosMediTour for a procedure or treatment, applicants must be interviewed (via phone) and then chosen by the Film and Production company, WTFN.

Successful applicants who are chosen to feature in the series may also receive some additional benefits from CosMediTour, the participating hospitals, clinics, hotels, resorts and airline/s. Details from CosMediTour.

Application and Filming Process:

  1. Complete Online Assessment Form for Surgery or Dental Treatments (if not already completed)
  2. CosMediTour will pre-screen you for surgery, dental or other procedures to determine if you are an eligible candidate
  3. Provide you with a final quote for your trip and deposit payment invoice. Don’t have enough funds available? Check out our Mac Credit Finance options
  4. Phone interview with Production Company – WTFN
  5. Preliminary Casting Approval
  6. Surgery and travel confirmation and travel dates booked
  7. Filming commences prior to departing for Thailand
  8. Filming for duration of your time in Thailand
  9. Final filming in Australia / NZ upon return from Thailand

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