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About the CosMediTour TeamGo to the About Us page and this will give you an idea about the team and what they do to make your surgery happen. CosMediTour work as a team for every one of our clients. If your Client Manager is not available there is always a support staff member to help you out. We will reply to your communications as quickly as we possibly can at all times.
Assessment process with imagesThe Assessment Form and 6 images are required for our surgeons to review your case and provide you with a personalised Surgical Recommendation. All images must be clear and concise as per the PDF Instructions on the Assessment Form page. If the images are not good enough or incomplete, you will be requested to submit what is required to complete this process. AND please DO NOT omit any medical history past or present, including any medications. This process must be done first before any arrangements, bookings, or quotes.
Accommodation – do you have surgery packages like Thailand?For those flying into the Gold Coast or Sydney for Breast Surgery – we can assist in helping you book accommodation with the Hilton Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast or Sydney the Boulevard Hotel in Woolloomooloo. Otherwise, most of our clients stay with friends or family.
Age Limits You have to be 18 years old to be eligible for surgery.
Babies after Breast SurgeryKeep in mind that there will be changes to your breasts during pregnancy, postnatal and post breastfeeding, which will change the way your natural breasts will look. It is the natural breast tissue that changes only, and implants will not affect this or the ability to produce breast milk. The majority of our patients have Breast Augmentation long before planning children. Best to take precautions post surgery. Read our blogfor more about Babies and Breast Surgery.
Before and After Photos We have a great collection of real CosMediTour clients before and after images. All this can be easily found on our Website under (Before and After Photos) please also see our Facebook and Instagram for updates!
Breastfeeding – can I have Surgery?Our Hospitals have different policies about this. Usually you will have to wait 6 – 12 months post-breastfeeding before you are able to have breast surgery.
Breastfeeding – Does surgery affect this?Breast Augmentation does not. However, there is a small possibility of changes to nerve sensitivity in the breast and/or nipple as a result of Breast Augmentation, although Breast Augmentation should not affect the milk ducts of the breast. If you have a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction (depending on the technique used) this may affect your nipple and the milk ducts and you will more than likely not be able to breastfeed. See here for more information.
CosMediTour Website – is full of informationOur website is your full information colour brochure that will without a doubt answer all your specific questions about surgery and dental in Australia and Thailand. Including these FAQ’s. See our Blog Page for more educational Blogs to assist in your research.
CosMediTour Social Media – Facebook & InstagramThis is where we post everything informative including our: activities, promotions, notices, information, funnies, testimonials, amazing post surgery images and where clients tag their own images post surgery. It’s a great way to keep up to date with us and see post op images of our real clients.
CosMediTour Private Facebook Forum Our CosMediTour Private Facebook Forum is a CLOSED GROUP for women only. Your posts can only been seen by other members.It is a support group and a way for past and present clients to collaborate and talk about their experiences. CosMediTour Forum is primarily to be used for constructive comments, socialising, getting to know each other if travelling at the same time. You will be invited to join the Forum once you have paid the deposit and booked a surgery date with CosMediTour.
Companions or Family travelling with meYou may bring along a companion or family member to Sydney or the Gold Coast for surgery. And you must bring someone along to pick you up after surgery and drive you home.
Can I choose my Surgeon?All procedures are performed under the supervision of our Senior Plastic Surgeons. We use a number of different Plastic Surgeons (all hand selected by our head Plastic Surgeons Drs Luke Stradwick and Craig Layt), and you will be assigned to a specific surgeon based on your case.
Can I choose my implants and size?Most clients will have options and yes, you and your surgeon can choose your implant size, shape and type. However, it’s important to understand that your surgeon is the specialist and knows best. You should always have a desired outcome in mind. The final say lays with the surgeon.
Consultation – I don’t agree with the recommendation Once in examination and consultation with the surgeon, and you do not agree with the recommendation, or is different to the Surgical Recommendation you received via email, the decision is entirely up to you if you proceed or not. You can walk away and think about it and return at a later date or cancel completely. The Surgeon generally knows best and will not change the recommendation to suit you.
Consultation – surgeon denies me surgery Please review our Cancellation Policy
Can I leave after my surgery and have a checkup with my GP at home?No. You are required to stay on the Gold Coast or Sydney for the designated time recommended for recovery and final follow up. If you have any concerns after returning home, you should seek medical assistance from your surgeon and your local GP. If there are any potential issues post surgery, you must contact the surgeon’s clinic direct with all information and they will advise what is to be done. You can also contact CosMediTour to advise of your issue.
Can I have a consultation then do the assessment?No, the assessment process must be completed first to ensure you are eligible for surgery and then further assessed on a case by case basis.
Can I pay after the surgery?Payment of the CosMediTour invoice must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to booked surgery date, regardless of how you obtain surgical funds.  See our Payment Plans.
Do I stay overnight in Hospital?In Australia most cosmetic procedures are done in a day clinic only. More complicated breast surgeries such as a breast lift or reduction may require a night in Hospital additional costs apply. If you would prefer to spend the night in hospital, all hospital charges will be payable by you direct.
Do you offer any other procedures in Australia?You can see our full procedure list and prices per destination on our Prices Page.
Drinking AlcoholDrinking is not a good idea prior, recovery and post surgery – it is dehydrating, thins the blood, weakens your immune system, affects the potency of any antibiotics and delays healing time. Drinking will predispose you to accidents e.g. falling, which may affect your surgery.
Deposit The deposit is payable first to secure the Surgical Recommendation and surgery date. This amount will be deducted from the final procedure invoice.
Exercising – Gym and other activitiesDiscuss this with your surgeon, as everyone is different depending on your specific procedure and technique. You must allow for recovery and the first 6 weeks is crucial. Ease into your normal activities over 3 months without compromising your surgery with strenuous activity, exercise, running, jumping, heavy weights etc. Listen to your body, and pull back if something doesn’t feel right. See our Educational Blog – ‘What to expect when you’re expecting.. A breast augmentation’
Expectations – Outcome and ResultsYou must have realistic expectations: The surgeons are wonderful, however, they are not magicians. Depending on what you look like pre surgery and your expectations, will determine what can be achieved Eg. if you have tuberous breast and your expectations are ‘I want round, high and perky” – this is not achievable with round implants, Tear Drops only. Expectations must be realistic. See our Educational Blog – ‘What to expect when you’re expecting.. A breast augmentation’
Finance and payment plansRegardless how you obtain or save funds, the CosMediTour invoice must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to surgery. Payment Plan options are available including finance and lay-by like options. See our Payment Plans page for more information.
Finance for New Zealand clientsClients from New Zealand must apply for finance in New Zealand. Nova Medical Finance are similar to Mac Credit and may be able to assist you.
Massaging post surgeryWill depend on your surgeons post surgery care instructions. Some massage, some do not. This is on a case by case basis.
Nails, Piercings, Hair Extensions, Spray Tans, TattoosPlease remove ALL:- Coloured polish from all nails and toes; acrylic and gel nails from the 2 index fingers; piercings including dermal or the surgeon will; metal hair extensions. Scrub off spray tans from and around the surgical areas. Depending on your surgical area, tattoos may not look the same post surgery. In regards to tattoo’s after surgery, we recommend waiting a few months after your procedure before having a tattoo performed, just to allow the body to return to a more stable condition and allow for adequate healing. Issues may arise if your tattoo becomes infected.
PainEach person has a different pain threshold so it’s hard to say what you will feel. Mild to moderate pain and sometimes even severe discomfort is normal. Pain medication is prescribed and can be adjusted as required. The pain normally lasts from 1 – 2 weeks and should lessen every day. See our Educational Blog ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Breast Augmentation’
Partying pre / post surgeryPlease do not plan any surgery immediately before or after a party/event you are organising. This should all be done either 2 weeks before surgery or at least 2 months post surgery (to allow for recovery and healing).
Post Op Care GeneralFirst 3 months is crucial for recovery. Care instructions will be given by the surgeon, and it is up to you to adhere to all care taken during this time and up to 6+ months post surgery, depending on the procedure. Best to be as healthy as possible and avoid compromising activities and bad eating habits.
Post Op GarmentsWill be supplied by your surgeon post surgery and you must wear this garment for as long as the surgeon requests.
Post Op ResultsDepending on your procedure, technique and extent of work done, surgery results will become fully evident around 6 months post surgery. Results are also affected by; and are affected by; your own structure/anatomy, health, how you look after yourself, support garments, level of activities etc. and own personal subjective view of yourself.
PregnancyNo surgery will be performed if you become pregnant prior to the procedure. Ensure you are not pregnant prior to surgery otherwise your surgery will be cancelled. Best to take all precautions if you are considering surgery AND post surgery.
Previous Assessments done If you have done the full assessment with images process over 6 months ago, and you did not proceed, you may have to submit all new information and images – however, this will be determined after conversation with your CosMediTour Rep. However, if over 6 – 12+ months, then definitely a new assessment process required.
ResearchHighly recommended that you do your own research about the procedure you are after, including the potential risks and complications and inherent ones. The more ground knowledge you have, the more understanding you will have when discussing the surgery with the surgeon. (See Procedures) Please also read our Blog.
Revision – from a previous surgeryIf you are wanting a revision, all information about your previous surgery is required and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Surgical outcomes are not guaranteed.
Risks & ComplicationsEvery surgical and cosmetic procedure has potential risks and complications and inherent ones. It is important that you research and understand this aspect of surgery. (See Procedures and Research)
Refunds All refunds are determined by: why and at what stage in the process. Please review our Cancellation Policy
SmokingSmoking is not advised prior to surgery due to increased risks post surgery. Smoking increases the risk of infection, necrosis and slow recovery. See our educational blog ‘The impact smoking has on surgery’
Surgical Recommendation (at assessment stage)Your Surgical Recommendation and quote from the surgeon, is based on your assessment information and images presented via email. This Recommendation is for surgery only. If accommodation is required please discuss with your CosMediTour Client Manager. Please note, at the time of your face-to-face consultation and examination with the surgeon, will your final procedure and costs be confirmed. Please be prepared to have additional funds available.
Surgery Day – what happensNo drinking or eating 8 hours prior. Hospital paperwork and admissions, Theatre preparation, then surgery. Depending on your procedure and extent of work that has to be done, surgery time will be 1 – 2.5 hours. After surgery, you will recover in a recovery room and then released once the anaesthesist is happy that you can go.
SwimmingBest to initially avoid and then limit extended exposure to water; baths, steam, saunas, pools, ocean, particularly to any suture sites, for the first couple of weeks, then up to 3 months. Suture sites are porous and susceptible to infection and will result in poor healing and bad scarring.
TanningNo fake/spray tans before surgery. It is not advisable expose your suture sites to sunlight after surgery for up to 3 months. Wait until the suture sites are fully healed and have no redness.
Would a medical condition be a problem? Possibly, depending on what the condition is. Please submit full details for surgeon to review and either accept, or deny surgery, or additional costs will be charged. You must disclose all conditions including medications on your Assessment Form.
When is the consultation?If you are a local, this can be done within 4 to 6 weeks of booked surgery date, if you are flying in, the consultation will be 1-3 days before surgery.
What do you mean by Standard Uncomplicated Breast Augmentation?The breasts do not have any level of sagging, are the same size, shape, direction, symmetry, are fully developed (meaning they are not tuberous) and there are no medical issues. See our blog ‘Ideal candidates for a ‘Standard’ breast augmentation.’
Which Plastic Surgeons do you use?All of our surgeons at the Breast Academy are fully qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, with a minimum 5 years specialised surgical training after qualifying as a Medical Practitioner and spending 2-3 years as a Hospital Registrar and working in the ICU or other hospital departments. As such all our surgeons have a minimum 11-14 years of formal medical training and qualifications.

Our surgeons are not ‘junior surgeons’ or ‘surgeons in training’. These carefully selected surgeons are undergoing additional up-skilling in aesthetic breast surgery, where the Breast Academy Plastic Surgery Directors Dr. Luke Stradwick and Dr. Craig layt, oversee further surgical training on the most advanced surgical techniques to create ‘beautiful breasts’. Some of these Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons have in fact been qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Europe and the Americas, performing breast augmentation surgery for up to 10 years!

Weight You must be at an ideal weight and healthy BMI range, to be eligible for cosmetic surgery. Surgeons will generally not accept clients that are overweight due to risks and aesthetic reasons. See Heart Foundation BMI Calculator
Weight Gain After SurgeryGaining weight after surgery will definitely affect your aesthetic outcome, which you will not be happy about. It is up to you to stay fit, healthy and maintain your pre surgery weight.
Weight Loss Plan – can I still have surgery?If you are on OR going to start a weight loss plan, you are to reach your goals and maintain this goal for at least 3 months prior to the Assessment Process and surgery. Keep in mind losing weight may affect the structure of your body shape and skin (depending on how much you have lost) and the procedure you initially wanted may then become something else eg. Breast Augmentation (pre weight loss) will become a Breast Lift with Augmentation (post weight loss).
Warrant or Guarantee by the surgeons Surgeons offer their own Surgery Guarantee, you can purchase this direct with them prior to surgery.  For more information, please contact a CosMediTour Rep.  This Guarantee is not to be confused with the CosMediTour Surgery Travel Warranty, which is applicable for clients having surgery in Thailand only.
Waiting Time – how long before I can have surgeryGold Coast has set dates and surgery slots available on certain dates which fill in fast. Sydney similar diary concept applies. After acceptance of your surgical recommendation, please request a surgery week and we will check for availability.

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