Cancellation Policy.

1. Service Fee and Final Payment

1.1  You will be required to pay a service fee when booking a plastic surgery procedure. This holding fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person for cancellations made by you.

1.2  The service fee can be applied towards the total cost of a CosMediTour package valued at $4,990 or more, once required practitioner consultations are completed; noting that surgery must take place within 24 months from the date of the initial holding fee payment.

1.3  Final payment is required 2 weeks prior to your surgery date 

2. Surgeon Consultation Fees

2.1  All Surgeon consultation fees are non-refundable once any phone, video or in person consultations have been attended.

2.2  All Surgeon consultation fees are non-refundable should you fail to attend a booked consultation, including in person, phone and video consultations. 

3. Finance Application Denied

3.1  In the event that you can provide evidence of being denied finance through a third party finance company or bank, within 10 business days of paying your service fee, you will be entitled to a refund, less an administrative cancellation fee of $150.

4. Change and Cancellation Fees

4.1  If at the time of your consultation/s, you are denied surgery by your surgeon, or choose not to proceed with the surgical recommendation discussed during or following your consultation/s, you will incur an administrative cancellation fee of $150, along with the surgeon consultation fee/s.

4.2  Cancellation or change after final confirmation of your surgery date (provided after you have been through the mandatory consultation process and given informed consent) will incur a hospital theatre fee of $1,000 (Gold Coast based hospitals) or $1,800 (Sydney based hospitals), along with an administrative fee of $150 and the surgeon consultation fee/s.

4.3  Cancellation or change of the confirmed surgery date made greater than 30 days in advance of the confirmed surgery date will incur an administrative fee of $150, along with the surgeon consultation fee/s.

5. Refund Administration

5.1  In the event that a refund is applicable, accurate bank account details must be provided to CosMediTour via email. Should inaccurate bank account details be provided,a $25 re-processing fee will be incurred.

5.2  Refunds are processed weekly on Wednesdays. Details not provided well in advance of this day will not be processed until the following week.