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We only work with Australia’s Leading Plastic Surgeons, known for delivering exceptional results.

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Each client has a personal Client Support Manager who guides & advises them throughout their Plastic Surgery journey.

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Each year, thousands of clients from around the world entrust us with their Plastic Surgery Journey.

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Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we deliver exceptional services & care at competitive prices.

Welcome to Australia’s Leading Plastic Surgery Group.

As the largest Plastic Surgery group in Australia, CosMediTour has helped thousands of clients. We pride ourselves on exceptional Plastic Surgery journeys that exceed client expectations time after time.

We bridge state-of-the-art hospitals across Australia – including Sydney and the Gold Coast – with trusted Plastic Surgeons for a seamless client experience. Beyond premium care and client results, our friendly team ensure you feel comfortable, safe and supported at every stage of your journey. In fact, our dedicated Client Support team will be with you all the way—from your free assessment, throughout the planning stages, into your recovery and beyond.

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Breast Surgery Procedures.

Breast Surgery involves reshaping or reconstructing the breasts. Whether you are looking to increase breast size through a Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants), restore breast volume after pregnancy with a Breast Lift, reduce breast size with a Breast Reduction or achieve a more balanced figure with a Breast Revision, our experienced Plastic Surgeons in either Sydney or the Gold Coast will work with you to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


Breast Augmentation is a Plastic Surgery procedure that boosts the size and fullness of the breasts with Breast Implants. READ MORE +


Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation are often performed together to enhance the overall volume, shape and position of your breasts. READ MORE +


A Breast Lift is a Plastic Surgery procedure which is performed to correct sagging breasts (known as Ptsosis) and enhance the breast shape without breast implants. READ MORE +


A Breast Reduction is a Plastic Surgery procedure that lightens, reshapes and reduces large breasts for increased comfort. READ MORE +


A Breast Revision is a Plastic Surgery procedure during which existing breast implants are replaced. Clients may want larger implants, smaller implants or better quality implants, such as Motiva or Mentor. READ MORE +


A Breast Explant, Breast Implant Removal or Capsulectomy is a Plastic Surgery procedure in which existing Breast Implants are removed. READ MORE +

Body Surgery Procedures.

Our highly experienced Plastic Surgeons in Sydney or the Gold Coast offer body procedures like Abdominoplasty (with or without Breast Surgery), Arm Lift, Thigh Lift and Labiaplasty.


A Breast & Abdomen Combination Procedure brings together Breast Surgery & Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Plastic Surgery procedures into one.  READ MORE +


Also known as Abdominoplasty, a Tummy Tuck is a Plastic Surgery procedure targeting the stomach area. Abdominoplasty can remove excess skin on the stomach, repair damaged stomach muscles and correct abdominal separation. READ MORE +


Also known as Brachioplasty, an Arm Lift is a Plastic Surgery procedure that reshapes and tightens the arms. READ MORE +


Also known as Thigh Reduction or Thighplasty, a Thigh Lift is a Plastic Surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the upper thigh area, resulting in a smoother, more sculpted contour. READ MORE +


Also known as Labia Surgery, Labiaplasty is a Plastic Surgery procedure that rejuvenates or reshapes the Labia Majora or Labia Minora. READ MORE +


Gynaecomastia Removal is a Plastic Surgery procedure that removes overdeveloped male breasts, commonly referred to as man boobs.  READ MORE +

Facial Surgery Procedures.

Our skilled Sydney and Gold Coast Plastic Surgeons offer Plastic Surgery procedures including Facelifts, Eyelid Lifts, Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty.


Rhinoplasty is a Plastic Surgery procedure that helps refine the shape of your nose. READ MORE +


A Facelift is a Plastic Surgery procedure that involves lifting and tightening the skin and underlying tissues of the face and neck.  READ MORE +


Also known as Blephopasty, an Eyelid Lift is a Plastic Surgery procedure targeting the upper or lower eyelids. READ MORE +


Also known as Otoplasty, Ear Pinning is a Plastic Surgery procedure that refines the shape and/or angle of the ears. READ MORE +


Perfect your smile with Dental Veneers or Crowns provided by CosMediSmile. READ MORE +

Plastic Surgery Australia Before and After Pictures

Plastic Surgery Before & After Gallery

We’ve helped more than 16,500 people refine their natural beauty.
View our inspiring Before & After Gallery to see our Plastic Surgery results. 

Why Clients Choose CosMediTour.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Australia

Australia’s Leading
Plastic Surgeons

Experience matters. Which is why we only work with highly experienced and trusted Plastic Surgeons, known for delivering exceptional results.

Our highly-skilled Plastic Surgeons in Sydney and the Gold Coast work with each client to understand their expectations and develop a personalised treatment plan that balances their unique anatomy, health and wellbeing with their aesthetic goals.

Compassionate Care


We’re passionate about client care. Each client has a personal Client Support Manager who guides and advises them throughout their Plastic Surgery.

Your Client Support Manager takes time to understand your unique motivations and goals and provide honest and personalised advice. In addition to assisting with your surgery arrangements, they also stay in touch to monitor your recovery.

Your Plastic Surgery

Your Trust
is Everything To Us

We are Australia’s most trusted Plastic Surgery Group. Each year, thousands of clients from around the world entrust us with their Plastic Surgery journey.

We ensure our clients feel confident, safe & supported throughout their plastic surgery journey –  from their initial surgical assessment, through to recovery.

Plastic Surgery Prices

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Packages

We work hand-in-hand with our Hospital and Surgeon partners in Sydney and Gold Coast to deliver exceptional services & care at competitive prices.

From your surgery, hospital & more, our Plastic Surgery packages include:

  • FRACS Plastic Surgeon fees
  • General Anaesthetist fees
  • Premier private hospital fees
  • Personal Client Support Manager; and more.

Plastic Surgery Recovery.

As with any surgical procedure, healing and recovery periods following Plastic Surgery will naturally vary from person to person and procedure to procedure. Your Plastic Surgeon will take the time to discuss your recovery with you during your consultation.

Plastic Surgery Risks.

When considering any surgical procedure, please understand that despite choosing a skilled plastic surgeon, receiving care in a premium hospital, and following recovery protocols, all surgical procedures carry risk and complications can still occur. 

Our Plastic Surgery Blog.

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