Do I need a GP Referral For Plastic Surgery in Australia

Jan 24, 2024 | Blog

At CosMediTour, we understand that choosing to undergo Plastic Surgery is a significant decision, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. One common question that often arises is, “Do I need a GP referral for plastic surgery in Australia?” The answer is a resounding yes. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of a GP referral when undergoing Plastic Surgery in Australia.

The Role of a GP Referral

A General Practitioner (GP) referral is a crucial component of the Plastic Surgery process in Australia. This referral serves as a formal document from your primary healthcare provider, endorsing and approving your decision to pursue Plastic Surgery. The significance of a GP referral lies in its role as a comprehensive health assessment and an essential step in ensuring the safety and well-being of the patient.

How to Obtain a GP Referral

Getting a GP referral is a straightforward process. Schedule an appointment with your General Practitioner, discuss your decision to undergo Plastic Surgery, and request a referral. Your GP will conduct the necessary assessments and provide you with the required documentation. Remember, this is an essential step in your journey, so be open and honest about your health history and aspirations.

Further Information

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