Face Surgery.

Performed by some of Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons, procedures like Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty), and Ear Pinning (Otoplasty) can refine, reshape and enhance your natural features. The face is one of our most defining features; but over time, factors like ageing and sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Similarly, life stressors and inherited imbalances can alter the facial profile. 

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Face Surgery Prices.

With CosMediTour, you’re in expert hands. Our Plastic Surgeons dedicate time to understand your unique concerns and desired outcomes before tailoring a Face Surgery treatment plan that’s right for you and your body.


To achieve the best possible outcomes for you, your CosMediTour Surgeon may incorporate one or more of the following Face Procedures in your treatment plan.


RHINOPLASTY is an intricate Plastic Surgery procedure that reshapes or redefines the nose. Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a Nose Job. 


Sydney Rhinoplasty from $14,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +


Also known as a Meloplasty or Rhytidectomy, a FACELIFT tightens and smooths the face and neck for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. CosMediTour offer a range of Facelift options in Sydney.



Sydney Mid-Facelift from $18,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +

Sydney Facelift and Neck Lift from $22,590 * VIEW PACKAGE +

Sydney Facelift, Neck Lift & Eyelid Lift (or Full Facelift) from $26,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +

Sydney Brow Lift from $15,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +


Eliminate bags under the eyes, smooth wrinkles around the eyes or enhance the eye shape with an EYELID LIFT or Blepharoplasty.


Sydney Upper Eyelid Lift from $8,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +

Sydney Lower Eyelid Lift from $10,490 * VIEW PACKAGE +

Sydney Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift from $14,490 * VIEW PACKAGE +


Commonly referred as Ear Pinning, OTOPLASTY resizes or reshapes the ears to improve their appearance. 


Sydney Otoplasty from $13,990 * VIEW PACKAGE +


Also known as Genioplasty or Chin Implant, a Chin Augmentation involves the chin being resculpted by either rescultping the bone or through the use of a Chin Implant. CosMediTour offer this procedure in Sydney.



Sydney Chin Augmentation from $9,990* ENQUIRE NOW +

* Package prices reflect a standard case. Higher package prices apply for cases with a greater degree of surgical complexity, or for surgical add-ons. For a personalised surgical recommendation and quote, please complete our free Online Assessment.

Free Plastic surgery Assessment for an Arm Lift Procedure in Sydney Australia

Face Surgery Before & After Gallery.

We’ve helped more than 16,500 people refine their natural beauty.
View our inspiring Before & After Gallery to see our Face Surgery results. 

What is Face Surgery?

Performed by some of Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons, our extensive range of facial surgery procedures are popular with both women and men. Plastic Surgery for the face can be used to:

  • Enhance or balance your ears, neck and facial features
  • Reduce the visible signs of ageing
  • Smooth and reduce wrinkles
  • Lift and reshape the facial profile
  • Tighten underlying tissue
  • Reduce asymmetries
  • Repair congenital abnormalities

Face Surgery Recovery.

As with any surgical procedure, healing and recovery periods following Face Surgery will naturally vary from person to person and procedure to procedure. Your Plastic Surgeon will take the time to discuss your recovery with you during your consultation.

Face Surgery Risks.

When considering Face Surgery, it is important to understand that despite choosing a skilled plastic surgeon, receiving care in a premium hospital, and following recovery protocols, all surgical procedures carry risk and complications can still occur. Understanding these risks and taking precautions to minimise them will be key to your recovery. 

Guide to Facelift Surgery

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What To Expect.

Face Surgery At A Glance.

Woman having a consult for Face Surgery in Australia, specifically a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty in Sydney

Your Enquiry &

Start your journey by connecting with our friendly Client Support Specialists. Over the phone or by video chat, you’ll get the answers to all of your questions, understand if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery, and receive your personalised surgical recommendation.

Plastic Surgeon in Australia explaining Face Surgery including Facelift and Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

Your Surgeon Consultation

Meet with your Plastic Surgeon to discuss your desired outcomes and plan your procedure. Your Surgeon will assess your anatomy before recommending a Treatment Plan that balances your desired outcomes with your health and wellbeing. 

Plastic Surgeon in Scrubs

Your Plastic Surgery

Your surgery will take place in one of our state-of-the-art, accredited private hospitals. You will be placed under general anaesthetic for the duration of the procedure (anywhere from 2 hours). The time spent in hospital varies; however, most Face Surgery procedures are considered day surgery procedures in Australia. 

Veneer Review and Refinement

Your Recovery Period

Recovery periods vary from person to person and the procedures undertaken. As a general rule, plan for at least 2 weeks rest after surgery. Your Surgeon will provide further advice to aid your recovery, including information on Post-Surgery care and when normal activities, including work and exercise can resume. 

Your Free Consultation.

Why Choose CosMediTour?

CosMediTour is committed to delivering superior results for their clients. Read on to discover why thousands of clients have entrusted us with their Plastic Surgery journey.


Free Surgical Assessments
CosMediTour’s free Facial Surgery assessment is completed right in the comfort of your home. Easy and obligation-free, it’s a convenient way to see if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery, to ask questions and determine whether Plastic Surgery is the right decision for you.

All-Inclusive Pricing
At CosMediTour our comprehensive packages mean no agency fees or hidden costs. Rest easy knowing that your premium care includes:

  • FRACS Plastic Surgeon Fees
  • General Anaesthetist Fees
  • Premier Private Hospital Fees
  • Personal Client Support Manager to Support You All The Way

Experience Matters
As Australia’s largest Plastic Surgery group, CosMediTour has supported thousands of clients through their Facial Surgery. Our Before & After Gallery says it all.

Leading Plastic Surgeons
CosMediTour partners with some of Australia’s most trusted Plastic Surgeons, each with an exceptional track-record of delivering high-quality, personalised care and exceptional client results.

Unparalleled Support
Enjoy your own personal Client Manager to assist you throughout your journey. Friendly, knowledgeable and next-level supportive, this expert is at hand to answer your questions, help you prepare for surgery, and ensure you’re feeling confident and happy every step of the way.

Multiple Surgery Locations
We offer our clients a world of choice when it comes to where you’d like to have your surgery, with world-class Plastic Surgery facilities across Sydney, the Gold Coast and Internationally.