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Can I get a Tattoo before or after Plastic Surgery?

Feb 1, 2024 | Blog

Plastic Surgery and Tattoos. Have you ever considered getting a Tattoo before or after Plastic Surgery and want to know if it is safe to do so? Or have you been advised to steer clear of tattoos before and after your surgery without understanding the reasons? Keep reading to uncover the reasons why CosMediTour recommends clients avoid getting tattoos for six weeks before and after Plastic Surgery. We will explore the potential risks of tattoos with Plastic Surgery and explain why avoiding them post-surgery is crucial to minimising risks for an optimal recovery.


Should I plan a tattoo before or after Plastic Surgery?


It is not recommended to do so. Prioritising your safety and well-being is paramount. Getting a tattoo in the weeks surrounding your Plastic Surgery substantially raises the risk of infection and can affect your healing and recovery process post-surgery. Therefore, CosMediTour strongly advises that clients should avoid getting tattoos six weeks before and after surgery.


Is it okay to get a Tattoo Before Plastic Surgery?


We highly advise that clients do not get a tattoo within six weeks of their surgery, and here’s why:

Increased Risk of Infection

Both tattoos and surgery involve breaking the skin, elevating the risk of infection. A recent tattoo may introduce bacteria during surgery, and if your body is already combating an infection from the tattoo, its ability to address post-surgery infections may be compromised.

Prolonged Recovery and Slower Healing

Similar to Plastic Surgery, tattoos require sufficient time to heal. Getting a tattoo too close to the surgery date can strain your body, potentially leading to a longer recovery period or complications after your procedure.

Impact on Surgical Site

If your new tattoo is in the same area as your planned surgery, it may affect the surgeon’s ability to perform the procedure and alter the appearance of your results or even distort the tattoo.


Is it okay to get Tattoos After Plastic Surgery?


No. To minimise your risk of infection and other complications during your recovery, we recommend clients wait at least six weeks after having Plastic Surgery before getting a tattoo.

The risks to clients of having a Tattoo after surgery include: 


Having a tattoo often involves extended periods of sitting still. For individuals recovering from Plastic Surgery, prolonged immobility during the early stages of recovery can lead to reduced blood circulation, blood clots, discomfort, and hindered wound healing. It may also contribute to swelling and fluid accumulation, negatively impacting the overall recovery and results.


The risk of infection is heightened if you get a tattoo after Plastic Surgery. Both tattooing and surgery create wounds that require time to heal. Combining these processes increases the likelihood of complications, as the body’s immune system is already focused on healing surgical incisions from the tattoo.


Both tattoos and plastic surgery can impact blood flow and circulation. Tattooing punctures blood vessels, while surgery involves cutting through tissue. The body’s healing process depends on adequate blood supply, and additional stress on the circulatory system may hinder healing. Waiting six weeks before and after surgery allows the body to prioritise healing without interference from new tattoo wounds.


The healing process post-surgery may make the body more sensitive to substances. Getting a tattoo introduces foreign pigments, potentially causing unexpected allergic reactions. Avoiding tattoos in the weeks surrounding surgery minimises the risk of complications during recovery.


Simultaneously healing from a tattoo and Plastic Surgery may compromise the healing of both. Some clients have reported distorted, discoloured, and uneven post-operative scarring in such situations. Allowing the initial healing phase to complete ensures that both the surgery and the tattoo heal without compromising the desired outcomes of either.


Is it advisable to ask my Plastic Surgeon about getting a Tattoo?


Certainly, we suggest discussing your intention to get a tattoo with your Plastic Surgeon. Your surgeon will offer specific guidelines tailored to your surgery type and individual health. It is essential to closely adhere to your Plastic Surgeon’s pre and post-operative instructions.

Although waiting six weeks before and after Plastic Surgery for a tattoo may be disappointing, it is a crucial guideline in place to facilitate optimal healing, improve outcomes, and minimise risks for our clients.

Further Information


Following our recommended guidelines, including avoiding getting tattoos for six weeks before and after surgery, is a pivotal step in achieving optimal results. By understanding and adhering to these precautions, you actively contribute to your own recovery.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, our dedicated team is here to provide the support and information you need. Together, we can achieve the best possible outcomes for your Plastic Surgery journey.