Woman before Breast Augmentation Surgery in Australia, a surgery commonly known as a Boob Job

From Boob Job to Breast Augmentation

Dec 28, 2023 | Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation & Lift, Breast Implants, Mummy Makeover

Have you noticed that the once-familiar term, Boob Job has quietly made way for the more precise and respectful Breast Augmentation. Much more than just an evolution of language, this shift reflects a broader cultural shift towards a more inclusive, mature and professional conversation about Plastic Surgery in Australia. Read on to discover why this shift has come about and why using terms like ‘Boob Job’ and ‘Nose Job’, no longer aligns with the evolving landscape.

Embracing Change

Breast Augmentation, and Plastic Surgery more broadly, was once a taboo topic. Today however, terms like ‘Boob Job’ and ‘Nose Job’ have become part of mainstream conversations and Plastic Surgery is becoming a widely accepted and normalised part of modern life. 

As Australia’s largest Plastic Surgery Group, we understand that we have a role in shaping these conversations. By adopting and advocating for more respectful, inclusive and professional language around Plastic Surgery, we seek to inform and empower our clients and better represent the expertise of our Plastic Surgeons. 

From Boob Job To Breast Augmentation

The term Boob Job is an informal way of referring to Breast Augmentation procedures. While it has become ingrained in popular culture, we are seeing a broader shift towards more mindful, medically precise and inclusive language.

CosMediTour are committed to continued professionalism, ensuring our conversations surrounding Breast Augmentation reflect the respect, understanding and gravity the procedure warrants. Read on as we explore why terms like boob job are fading into irrelevance and why using medically accurate terms, like Breast Augmentation, is an important part of our continued commitment to professionalism, client care and shaping the narrative around Plastic Surgery.

Trivialising Plastic Surgery

The use of the term Boob Job inadvertently simplifies and undersells the very serious nature of Breast Augmentation, and Plastic Surgery more broadly.

The reality is that like any Surgery, Cosmetic or otherwise, Breast Augmentation is not minor. In fact, it is an intricate procedure that comes with risk. Breast Augmentation requires extensive research, and very serious consideration. 

At CosMediTour, we use more precise terminology to foster a more accurate understanding of the procedure’s complexity and significance. We promote a culture of informed decision-making and ensure that each and every one of our Clients understand and appreciate the complexities, limitations and risks, to approach the process with the respect it deserves. 

Woman contemplating Breast Augmentation costs, a procedure also known as a Boob Job

Respect for our Clients

While unintentional, referring to Breast Augmentation as a Boob Job can be offensive to clients who have undergone the procedure. Using the term may be perceived as being dismissive or of oversimplifying their very personal Breast Augmentation journey. It may also undermine the uniquemotivations for undergoing the procedure and the emotional and physical investment they’ve made throughout their journey.

At CosMediTour, we appreciate that Breast Augmentation is an emotional and highly personal process. We honor the individual client experience, take time to understand their motivations and embody an environment that is supportive, inclusive and sensitive to the needs of the individual.


Representing our Plastic Surgeons

Using terms like Boob Job undermines the professionalism of our highly skilled and experienced CosMediTour Plastic Surgeons.

Plastic Surgeons undergo years of extensive and ongoing training and education to master the intricacies of Plastic Surgery, including Breast Augmentation. You can learn more about this in our blog, Plastic Surgeons vs Cosmetic Surgeons. Using colloquial terms like Boob Job, is not only medically inaccurate, it also diminishes and undersells their specialist skills, extensive knowledge and years of training.

CosMediTour work only with highly skilled, experienced and knowledgable Plastic Surgeons – because we know that this is required for successful client outcomes. We are committed to reinforcing the importance of only using qualified Plastic Surgeons in ensuring safe and successful patient outcomes.

Plastic Surgeon conducting Plastic Surgery under General Anaesthesia

Adopting Industry Best-Practice

CosMediTour have led the way in adoption of new Guidelines set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). We’ve done this to create an environment where Plastic Surgeons and CosMediTour clients feel safe and supported and that our conversations surrounding Breast Augmentation reflect the respect, understanding and gravity that the procedure warrants.

Further Information

To learn more about Breast Augmentation, feel free to connect with our friendly Client Support Team.