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◾️ Peace of mind with Australia's No. 1 Plastic Surgery Brand

Feel confident knowing you are dealing with Australia’s largest Plastic Surgery brand. Established over 10 years, more clients trust CosMediTour than any other Plastic Surgery business in Australia for their surgical procedures. Join over 2,000+ happy Australian clients that choose CosMediTour each year and view thousands of client stories, along with impressive before and after surgery results. View hundreds of patients surgery results here.

◾️ Breast Augmentation with a FRACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (not a cosmetic surgeon)

All Plastic Surgeons performing surgery for this Breast Augmentation package are fully qualified FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Our surgeons offer consultations in CosMediTour’s partner Sydney Plastic Surgery Clinic, under the governance of renowned FRACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Pouria Moradi. When comparing this Premium Breast Augmentation Package with others, ask if the surgeon who will be operating on you is a qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon – not a cosmetic surgeon.

◾️ Motiva® Implants

Motiva® SmoothSilk Breast Implants – Motiva® SmoothSilk Implants are available in two different shapes, Motiva® Round and Motiva Ergonomix®, each with their own unique characteristics and properties. The Motiva Round® implant is designed to give a round aesthetic appearance providing the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper pole of the breast. Motiva Ergonomix® implants are designed to be naturally dynamic in behaviour by adapting to the movement of a woman’s body – holding a round shape when lying down and assuming a natural-look teardrop shape when standing – mimicking the look, feel and movement of natural breast tissue. You can read more about Motiva Implants® here. Your surgeon will advise which implants will be most suitable for you during your consultation.

◾️ General Anaesthesia NOT Twilight Sedation

CosMediTour Surgeons do not perform Breast Augmentation surgery using twilight sedation (conscious sedation) and always operate with the patient under General Anaesthesia. CosMediTour only works with specialist FANZCA Anaesthetists (Fellow of the Australian and NZ College of Anaesthetists) who also adopt our Optimal Recovery Plan (details below). A key factor in the choice of General Anesthesia over Twilight Sedation is that a muscle paralysis agent can be given. This enables our surgeons to operate under the muscle without the muscle going into spasm. When a pectoral muscle goes into spasm, this can lead to increased bleeding and poor implant placement. Operating under twilight sedation does not allow as accurate a dissection of the subpectoral/dual plane pocket, which is a key factor in our plastic surgeons always using General Anaesthesia for Breast Augmentation surgery.

◾️ Optimal Recovery Plan

Our Medical Director and Medical Team of Plastic Surgeons, Anaesthetists and other healthcare professionals have devised the unique CosMediTour Optimal Recovery Plan. This plan takes into account surgery preparation for the patient; surgery equipment such as the electrosurgery diathermy device for precise  cauterization of tissue with minimal bleeding; surgical techniques that will minimise tissue trauma and bleeding that is a major cause of capsular contraction; use of an insertion sleeve for implantation that ensures a smaller incision, optimal placement, and much less pressure on breast tissue at implantation; an advanced anaesthesia approach using special anaesthetic techniques such as localised nerve blocks, combined with intraoperative anaesthetic agents to reduce pain post-surgery, and post-surgery recovery bra with stabilizing straps. The Optimal Recovery Plan reduces inflammation, pain and discomfort allowing for a smoother recovery and ultimately, optimal long term surgery results. Read about Optimal Recovery Plan vs ‘Rapid Recovery Technique’ here.

◾️ Fully Accredited Premier Hospitals

CosMediTour Surgeons only perform surgery on patients in accredited Day Surgery Outpatient Hospitals or Inpatient Hospitals that are operational 24/7. The hospitals in this package include Double Bay Day Hospital, St Luke’s Private Hospital and East Sydney Private Hospital, the latter two having full inpatient facilities and overnight private rooms. This means all our patients have access to a medical team of highly experienced and caring Plastic Surgeons, Nurses, Doctors and Anaesthesthetists with access to state of the art medical equipment and facilities.

◾️ Bonus $250 Insertion Sleeve for breast implant insertion, placement and safety

Devices such as the Insertion Sleeve (or EZ fan) may be used to assist surgeons with contactless insertion, reduce the length of the surgical incision and help with optimal positioning during Breast Augmentation surgery. As an element of the 14-Point-Plan for Breast Augmentation, CosMediTour has incorporated the price of an Insertion sleeve into this package, valued at $250rrp. For more information read our blog ‘What is an Insertion Sleeve?’ here.

◾️ The Gold Standard Breast Augmentation 14-Point-Plan

This package includes the 14-Point-Plan for Breast Surgery that was first implemented in 2013 to minimise bacteria entering the body and contaminating breast implants at the time of surgery. Bacterial contamination of implants is related to capsular contracture, which is hardening and deformity following Breast Augmentation surgery. Read our blog ‘What is the Breast Augmentation 14-Point-Plan? click here.

◾️ Lifetime Motiva Implant Warranty

To give you the utmost confidence, all Motiva Implants are covered against rupture by the Always Confident Warranty® for the lifetime of the device and by a Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years. You can read more of the complete Motiva Implant Warranty here.

◾️ Experienced Client Manager and 7 Days Client Service Team

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a caring and experienced CosMediTour Client Manager supporting you throughout your entire surgery journey. Many of our Client Managers have facilitated hundreds and in some cases over 1,000 clients to have surgery with CosMediTour so you’re in the best possible care. You also have access to our 7 days Client Service Team by calling us on 1300 000 MED (1300 000 633), before and following your surgery – another unique CosMediTour experience as Australia’s No.1 plastic surgery brand.

◾️ 4 x Post-surgery consultations

In line with our Optimal Recovery Plan, and as a valued CosMediTour client, you will receive up to 4 post-surgery consultations to ensure your surgery recovery is on track. These consultations are available either in our Sydney Clinic or online. Our Client Managers will liaise with you every 3 months post-surgery for the first 12 months to ensure we obtain and maintain required photos of your surgery results, to monitor and assess your continued recovery.

◾️ Private CosMediTour Ladies Only Facebook Forum

Our private Australia Ladies Only Facebook Forum has over 1,300 CosMediTour clients! This forum is an excellent education and support platform for your surgery journey.

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If you’re traveling to Sydney, enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the support of our CosMediTour Client Management team 7 days a week, as well as access to our ‘Ladies Only’ education and support forum.


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From The Head of Surgery

Dr Moradi

MBBS BSc (Med) MRCS (Eng) FRACS (Plas)
Head of Surgery for CosMediTour’s affiliated Sydney Breast Augmentation Clinic is Dr Pouria Moradi, with over 15 years plastic surgery experience including 10 years as a qualified FRACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr Moradi prides himself on tailoring surgical procedures to the individual’s silhouette and anatomy, especially those involving microsurgery and aesthetic plastic surgery. He oversees the protocols for patient selection, surgery techniques, training and clinical governance of this CosMediTour Breast Augmentation package.


Dr Moradi is currently NSW Chairperson of Training for the Australian Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Prince of Wales, Royal Hospital for Women’s and Sydney Children’s Hospitals. He also trained in specialist surgical units in England, Scotland and Belgium and undertook a 6 month fellowship at the world’s most famous aesthetic breast surgery clinic Akademikliniken in Stockholm, Sweden. If you’re considering any aesthetic plastic surgery procedure, always check the surgical team is headed by, and supervised by, an experienced FRACS accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon – not a cosmetic surgeon.


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All surgical procedures carry risks and results may vary, we always recommend you seek the advice of a second qualified health practitioner before proceeding. Please contact us for further information regarding Breast Augmentation surgery, Hospital accreditation, Surgeon qualifications, terms & conditions, and procedure information including risks and complications.

– Final payment is due 4 weeks prior to surgery

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– $1,000 deposit required to secure a surgery date.

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