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Can You Breast Feed With Implants

Dec 1, 2021 | Blog, Breast Augmentation

When deciding whether Surgery is the right decision for them, many of our clients are concerned about breast feeding after Breast Augmentation. In fact, the impact of Breast Implants on Breast Feeding is something we’re most often asked about. Read on to find out why most women go on to breastfeed after Breast Surgery with no concerns at all and discover what procedure is the exception to the rule.

Is it possible to Breast feed with Implants?


Yes, according to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, most mothers with Breast Implants can breast feed. In fact, most of our Breast Augmentation clients go on to breastfeed with no concerns at all. There are always exceptions to the rule and many women, irrespective of whether they have undergone Breast Surgery, experience complications with breastfeeding and milk production.


Breast Implants and Breast Feeding


Breast Augmentation or Breast Implants are unlikely to harm milk supply assuming an Inframmary Inicision is used. In this instance, neither the glandular tissue or nerves are impacted. Conversely, a Periareolar Incision carries a greater risk of damage to milk ducts and nerves and for this reason is rarely used.

It is also worth noting that if clients have low levels of glandular tissue in the breasts before your Breast Augmentation, they may find that their milk supply is naturally lower, with or without Breast Implants.

Breastfeeding and Breast Surgery

when is the best time to get Breast Implants: Before or after children?


There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. As a general guide, if you are planning on having a baby within the next 12 months, we recommend waiting until after you have had children before having Breast Surgery.

If children are part of your plans, but not in the near future then you may want to consider the following arguments for and against each approach.

breast feeding after Breast Surgery

  • Risk damage to Milk Ducts, Milk Glands and Breast Nerves, particularly with Breast Reductions and, in some cases, Breast Lifts may impact on ability to breastfeed.
  • Pregnancy takes a huge strain on your body. Weight fluctuations from pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the size and shape of your breasts and may change the results of your Breast Surgery. Triggering the need for a Breast Revision sooner. 
  • May experience greater changes to breasts when pregnant due to Breast Implants. This includes: swelling, veins becoming more visible, nipples changing colour, breast soreness and nipple sensitivity. 
  • You will need to wait until after your Surgical Recovery before becoming pregnant. We recommend waiting 6 – 12 months after your Breast Surgery.

Breast Feeding before Breast Surgery

  • Major changes to breast tissue following pregnancy and breastfeeding have settled – So your surgical outcomes will be longer lasting.
  • You will be more equipped to make decisions regarding Breast Surgery (e.g. implant size) after you have finished breast feeding. 
  • You won’t be able to have your Breast Surgery for six to twelve months after you finish breastfeeding. Your milk will need to dry up to reduce the risk of infection.  
  • You will need to arrange additional care for children during their recovery period. This is particularly the case for young children, as mothers are unable to lift their child/ren for several weeks after surgery.  

How soon after breast surgery can I try for children?  

We generally recommend our clients wait at least six to twelve months after their Breast Surgery before pregnancy. This will help ensure your breasts have healed without complications. Of course, every body is different and some surgical procedures have a longer recovery period than others.

For advice specific to you, be sure to discuss your anticipated healing and recovery timeframes with your Plastic Surgeon.  

How soon after breast feeding can I get breast implants?

You won’t be able to have Breast Surgery as soon as you stop breast feeding. In fact, to minimise the risk of infection and ensure your body is recovered after pregnancy, our Plastic Surgeons recommend waiting 6 – 12 months after breastfeeding and your milk dries up before having Breast Surgery. 

Breast feeding and other breast surgery procedures


Breast Reduction Surgery and Breast Feeding

Procedures like Breast Reductions, where the nipple position or size is corrected generally carry a higher risk of damage to milk ducts or nerves. This in turn may impact on your ability to breast feed. Because of the increased risk, we recommend waiting until after you have finished breast feeding before undergoing a Breast Reduction.


Breast Lift Surgery and Breast Feeding

Depending on the Lift Technique used, clients who have had a Breast Lift (or a Breast Lift and Augmentation) are generally able to breastfeed without issue. The relocation of the nipple/areolar in a breast lift surgery does carry a higher risk of milk duct or nerve damage; however, precise surgical techniques are used by our Plastic Surgeons to minimise this risk to our clients.

Factors that may impact on breastfeeding

Although rare, the small percentage of women who experience complications with breastfeeding resulting from Breast Surgery have experienced:

  • Damage to Milk Glands where the milk is made
  • Damage to the Milk Ducts which transports the milk
  • Damage to Nerve Supply to the nipple and areola particularly after the relocation or resizing of the nipple during a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction.

In some instances, nerves and ducts can regrow and more glandular tissue develops during pregnancy.

If you intend to breastfeed in the future, be sure to discuss this with your CosMediTour Plastic Surgeon during your consultation. They will adjust their surgical technique to minimise risks that may hinder your ability to breastfeed.

Further Information


To learn more about Breast Feeding after Breast Surgery, feel free to connect with our friendly Client Support Team.