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Ear Pinning

People with prominent ears are often self-conscious and can resort to covering their protruding ear/s with long hair or hairstyles to cover them. This can result in long term confidence and self-esteem issues. Fortunately, prominent ears can be surgically corrected very successfully.

‘Ear Pinning’ or Otoplasty is performed to create or restore the centrefold to disproportionately large or prominent ears, bringing them close to the head.

CosMediTour – Ear Pinning

Australian Surgery Destinations  Sydney
Surgeon: Australian Trained Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Consultation: $299 Plastic Surgeon Consultation Fee
Surgery Time: 1- 2 Hours
Anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia only is used
Post-Operative Appointments: Local: will be arranged with the surgeon; Non-local the following day
Recovery Time: Up to 3 months
Post Surgery Garment: Must be worn up to 3+ months
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An incision is made on the back of the ear so the scar is concealed, then through this incision, the cartilage is exposed and either part of it excised or simply reshaped to allowed it to fold back towards the head. Sometimes small segments of cartilage may need to be excised to correct the shape completely.

The scar on the back of the ear is present and well-hidden by the ear itself. The incision is closed with dissolving sutures and a dressing applied. A bandage on the ears similar to a turban will be placed around your head.


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Potential Surgery Risks and Complications vary from patient to patient depending on the range of factors and the extent of surgical work required. Regardless of how remote, the potential risks listed today are possible. Your own research is essential especially if you are considering surgery. Following pre and post-surgical care and instructions will also reduce your risks. See the following potential risks and complications include and not limited to:


  • Pain, infection, haematoma, inflammation, swelling, reaction to anaesthesia and other medications
  • Suture complications


  • Asymmetry (Symmetry never guaranteed)
  • Overcorrection and unnatural contour

FAQ’s – Ear Pinning

Will I bruise and swell afterwards and how long will it last?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do surgery without causing swelling. Our Surgeons will do everything possible to minimise the amount of swelling that occurs. Generally, post-operative swelling begins to resolve at the end of the first week. Bruising will generally last for around 10 days. Some patients don’t tend to bruise and may have minimal if any bruising.



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