Plastic Surgeon conducting Plastic Surgery under General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia vs Twilight Sedation

Sep 15, 2023 | Blog, General

What is the difference between General Anaesthesia and Twilight Sedation and does it matter? This is something we’re increasingly asked. Yes, it matters alot. To maintain your safety during surgery, experienced CosMediTour Plastic Surgeons will only perform surgical procedures under General Anaesthesia. Read on to learn more about the difference between the two and why you should always insist on General Anesthesia for your Plastic Surgery. 

What is General Anaesthesia?


General Anaesthesia is a medically induced sleep as a result of one or more general anaesthetic drugs. When a general anaesthetic is applied, patients experience amnesia, analgesia, relaxation of skeletal muscles, and loss of control of reflexes of the autonomic nervous system.

All CosMediTour procedures are performed under General Anaesthesia at a fully accredited hospital with a specialist Anaesthetist in attendance. A specialised Anaesthetic Ventilator is used to facilitate breathing during surgery and the administration of anesthetic drugs. 


What Is Twilight Sedation?


Twilight Sedation, or Conscious Sedation as its also known, uses a small dose of anaesthesia to induce anxiolysis (anxiety relief), hypnosis, and anterograde amnesia (inability to form new memories). You aren’t unconscious, but sedated. During surgery, you are under what is known as a ‘twilight state’, where you are relaxed and ‘sleepy’, but able to follow simple directions by the Doctor.

Importantly, clinics that only offer Breast Augmentations under Twilight Sedation do so because:

  • Their  clinics DO NOT meet the standards required of a Private or Public Hospital; and
  • The clinic is NOT licenced to administer General Anaesthesia


Is Twilight Sedation Dangerous?

Yes, Twilight Sedation can be dangerous when used for Plastic Surgery procedures. The major risk of this practice is Local Anaesthetic Toxicity, which refers to an overdose of Local Anaesthesia. This can result in Cardiac Arrest and even death. If a patient suffers an overdose during surgery they must be transferred immediately to an Intensive Care Unit at a registered hospital. 

Unlike General Anaesthetic, Twilight Sedation is administered without a Ventilator. Only a Private or Public Hospital accredited by ACHS (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards) will offer this equipment in Australia. As such, clients who experience breathing difficulties during their procedure will need to be transferred immediately to the nearest hospital for emergency ventilation. 

Every CosMediTour Breast Augmentation procedure is performed under full General Anaesthesia in an accredited hospital, with appropriate Anaesthetic Ventilation.  

Plastic Surgery Nurse conducting Plastic Surgery under General Anaesthesia


To learn more about why our Surgeons will only use General Anaesthetic for Plastic Surgery, feel free to connect with our friendly Client Support Team.