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What you must know if you are considering any surgical procedure

There are risks involved with any surgical procedure and it is important. The decision to have any surgical procedure should be based on the merit of risk to potential benefit. Although the great majority of patients never experience post-surgical complications, it is essential that you undertake your own research in relation to that particular procedure, obtain a second opinion from a qualified medical professional and only then consider your options.


  • Optimal to be at your ideal weight and BMI under 28
  • You are medically, physically and mentally healthy. You have realistic expectations
  • You have no medical issues or medical history that could affect your surgical outcome
  • For cosmetic elective surgery in Australia – you must be 18 years and over

Pre-Surgery General Guidelines

  • Please avoid all over the counter and prescribed medications, including aspirin (unless specified only by your Medical Practitioner), anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, herbs, supplements, excessive alcohol, in particular red wine for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to surgery. Panadol and ibuprofen is acceptable
  • Smoking increases anaesthetic, surgical, recovery and infection risks and should always be ceased a minimum of 2 weeks pre and post-surgery

Post-Surgery and Care

  • Please follow your Surgeon’s instructions for post-surgery
  • Antibiotics and pain medication will be prescribed
  • For Breast Augmentation patients, you must wear a support garment – for several weeks or longer to aid the healing and aesthetic results, continue to massage your breasts for up to 6 months following breast surgery if and as recommended by your Surgeon
  • Initially avoid and then limit exposure to swimming, excessive sweating, any saunas, steam, spas, showers and especially direct exposure to sunlight to the surgery suture sites

Possible Risks and Complications

Every surgical procedure carries potential risks and complications. These vary from patient to patient and can be minimised provided you follow your Surgeon’s post-surgery care instructions. CosMediTour recommends that you do your own research in relation to the risks and possible complications associated with your required procedure. For a comprehensive explanation of risks associated with breast implants, please refer to this website: Breast augmentation (implants) – Better Health Channel.

Post-Surgery Compression Garments

You will be provided by your Surgeon with a post-surgery Compression Garment – to aid with swelling, recovery and healing. This will be charged to you at a cost of $60.

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