What is an Insertion Sleeve?

What is an Insertion Sleeve? Looking similar to a piping bag that is used to ice a cake, the Insertion Sleeve (also known as the Keller Funnel), may just be the icing on top when it comes to Breast Augmentation surgery! The Insertion Sleeve is an innovative medical device used to assist CosMediTour surgeons with contactless insertion and positioning of breast implants during Breast Augmentation surgery and alleviating the need for contact with the implants.

The Insertion Sleeve has also been recommended by world-renowned implant manufacturer Mentor as a preventative measure for post-surgery Breast Augmentation complications and for optimal implant longevity.

Potential key advantages of Insertion Sleeve usage during Breast Augmentation surgery include:

Optimal breast implant insertion

The Insertion Sleeve’s unique polymeric film with a lubricious hydrophilic coating allows the breast implant to glide easily into position, reducing the need for surgeons to handle the breast implants. It is also believed that excessive handling of the implant may compromise the breast implants’ outer shell barrier, therefore by minimising excessive handling of the breast implant, our surgeons reduce the risk of damage to the implant.

Optimal scarring post Breast Augmentation

With the use of the narrow Insertion Sleeve implant delivery system, our surgeons generally find the inframammary surgical incision is shorter in length, therefore generally resulting in reduced post-surgery scarring.

Greater visibility for Surgeons during surgery

The transparent clear Insertion Sleeve allows our surgeons to have greater visibility of the vital, initial implant insertion stages of the Breast Augmentation surgery.

Minimise the risk of contamination and bacteria

The Insertion Sleeve allows for additional antibacterial measures, decreased breast implant contact, and therefore may reduce the overall risk of post-surgery complications caused by contamination and bacteria.

Reduced risk of capsular contracture 

Though rare, it is believed that the leading cause of capsular contracture is implant pocket contamination, which leads to a thin layer of bacteria known as ‘biofilm’ developing, furthermore causing capsular contracture. By using the Insertion Sleeve the chance of capsular contracture is thought to be dramatically reduced.
A recent study followed two groups of periareolar Breast Augmentation patients, one group with the use of the Insertion Sleeve, and the other group without the use of the Insertion Sleeve. The results showed that the capsule contracture rate of the group without the Insertion Sleeve was 10% and the group with the Insertion Sleeve was much lower at 1.3%. It was found that the Insertion Sleeve may reduce the chances of capsular contracture by an impressive 87%. Read the medical study here.

Along with the innovative Insertion Sleeve device, CosMediTour Surgeons also use a detailed 14 point plan, to assist in reducing associated risks of Breast Augmentation surgery. To find out more about the Insertion Sleeve or 14-point plan, please speak to your CosMediTour Client Manager or CosMediTour Surgeon.

Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

Written by CosMediTour Australia

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