Mentor or Motiva – which implant brand & shape is right for me?

For most newcomers contemplating a Breast Augmentation or a ‘Boob Job’ requires some knowledge of the range of implant brands, shapes, coatings, gels, profiles, sizes, incision site and implant placement which is guaranteed to cause great confusion.

The 2 paramount Boob Job factors:

Ultimately there are two factors that should outweigh all other considerations –

  1. What outcome you desire – the look, shape and size you’d love to achieve
  2. What combination of implant size, shape, gel density, incision site, placement etc that a skilled Plastic Surgeon recommends for you to achieve the outcome you desire

Plastic Surgeons vs Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons have undergone a minimum of 7 years postgraduate medical experience, training and exams – AFTER completing their medical degree and becoming a Doctor. In Australia, anyone who has graduated from medical school can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, and perform breast surgery. However, these ‘Cosmetic Surgeons’ have received significantly less surgical training which is why almost every implant selected by a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ will be a High Profile, Round implant, regardless of whether this is the most suitable implant shape for the patient using a ‘one size fits all’ approach – see here for Cosmetic vs Plastic Surgeons

Which implant and surgery techniques will be best for me?

This is where CosMediTour and our team of expert Plastic Surgeons step in. When you provide us with the required images, your desired outcome and your personal medical history, our surgical review team will provide you with either:

  • A preliminary acceptance for a Breast Surgery procedure or
  • You will be denied surgery

Following your preliminary acceptance, and agreement to proceed with CosMediTour, we will obtain and provide a personalised written Surgical Recommendation from one of our Plastic Surgeons. This will include the recommended implant brand and shape and a lower to upper range of implant sizes and profiles. This is subject to a final recommendation during your in-person consultation with your Surgeon prior to surgery.

How we personally tailor your outcome with a range of implants

During your in-person consultation with your Plastic Surgeon prior to surgery, in Australia or Thailand, your surgeon will thoroughly examine your breasts and confirm the most suitable implants, surgery technique and placement to suit your desired outcome and what is achievable with your unique anatomy.

Instead of using the ‘one size fits all’ approach, our Plastic Surgeons offer a wide range of not only implant shapes, sizes and profile, but implants brands, to include:

  • Mentor
  • Motiva

Each brand represents a uniquely crafted breast implant. 

Why we would suggest Teardrop shape implants over Round implants

If you have ‘perfectly symmetrical’ breasts and nipples, and wish to have fake looking breasts also referred to as the ‘bolt on’ look, Round Implants will be ideal. However, our surgeons will go above and beyond to assist you in achieving your dream breasts – especially when you do not have perfect breasts to start with. In our experience with thousands of CosMediTour breast implant patients performed by our Plastic Surgeons over 6 years, round implants will suit less than 50 percent of all cases. A Round implant is symmetrical so unless you have very symmetrical breasts to start with, Teardrop shaped implants are invariably used to help achieve the best aesthetic outcome. This is especially the case where clients have minimal breast tissue, tuberous or tubular breasts, a short distance between the nipple and inframammary fold, a noticeable cleavage gap, and mild ptosis (sagging).

A Teardrop implant creates a more aesthetically pleasing and natural outcome for almost all candidates – offering more side boob, cleavage, volume and shape. Tear drop implants are currently in higher demand by our clients as the shape can also assist in lifting the breasts (avoiding a breast lift if you have mild ptosis), reducing the risk of capsular contracture and creating a more natural appearance.

Benefits of Teardrop Implants

  • More natural appearance – the teardrop shape more closely resembles a natural breast than a symmetrical round implant
  • The only suitable option for tuberous or tubular breasts
  • Creates more lift at the lower breast pole (if you have mild ptosis)
  • Highly beneficial for patients with minimal breast tissue, to create ‘shape’
  • Creates more cleavage and ‘side boob’
  • Reduced risk of ‘double bubble’ where the nipple to inframammary fold distance is minimal
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture

Which Teardrop Implants are best for me?

We currently offer one implant brand in Australia

Mentor (manufactured in USA)
MemoryShape Breast Implants (Teardrop)
If you are recommended Mentor MemoryShape Teardrop Implants, this may be because you have a longer chest wall, short distance between your nipple placement and breast fold, wide gap between both breasts, low sitting breast tissue, very little natural breast shape, irregular nipple placement – or based on your desired outcome.

The Mentor MemoryShape Teardrop implants have a wide range of dimensions meaning depending on your current breast shape the implant can be designed to suit your desired outcome. Due to these dimensions this brand of implant is more likely to provide you with a closer cleavage and more side boob. They also resemble the shape of a natural looking breast so if you are after a more natural result or have very little natural breast shape this implant will be perfect for you.

I have heard that Teardrop shape implants can rotate – is this true? In some cases this can happen, where the implant will rotate to the left or right of the breast pocket, necessitating Revision Surgery. This is usually associated with substandard surgery. By ensuring you undergo your surgery with a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon, Teardrop implants have a very low risk of rotation. Low chance of rippling

The implant shape requires a high level of surgical skill only held by Plastic Surgeons (Cosmetic Doctors do not have this specialised training which is why most will advise against Teardrop implants). Plastic Surgeons have undergone rigorous surgical training for up to 7 extra years after qualifying as a Medical Practitioner, and are suitably skilled to create the ideal pocket in your breasts to fit the Teardrop shaped implant securely and avoid rotation. Our Teardrop implants also have a textured shell and are not available with a smooth surface, allowing superior contact with the breast pocket tissue to avoid rotation.

For further information please contact the team at CosMediTour.

Written by CosMediTour Australia

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