1. Assessment

Complete our free online assessment form to receive a complimentary surgery quote. This requires you to complete personal details, including medical information, expectations, and supply clear photos (per instructions page).

2. Surgical Recommendation

After your assessment form and photos have been received you will be prescreened for preliminary acceptance for surgery and estimated quote. If accepted, your surgery deposit is payable to secure your preferred surgery date and surgical recommendation.

3. Dates Confirmed

If you accept the Surgical Recommendation and wish to proceed, booking arrangements commence including scheduling a consultation with your Plastic Surgeon. After your consultation with your Plastic Surgeon, your final treatment will be agreed and any final costs will be payable prior to surgery.


On your surgery date, there will be a number of steps to ensure your surgery runs smoothly and safely which includes: pre surgery tests, theatre preparation, General Anaesthesia and recovery monitored by an Anaesthetist and Nursing Personnel. Once you are discharged from hospital (same day) you will be sent home (or to pre arranged accommodation) to recover and recuperate.

Note –  If you are a non-local to your surgery location, there is a required time that you have to stay in town post-surgery.

5. Ongoing Support

You will have a post-surgery follow-up to attend the hospital, surgeon’s clinic, or alternative medical practitioner. Your CosMediTour Client Manager, as well as personnel from the surgeon’s Clinic, will remain in contact during and following your recovery period to ensure everything is going well and to discuss and monitor your results.

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