1. Enquiry & Assessment

Contact us with your enquiry through our website, email, phone, or social media. We will respond with specific information OR book you in for a FREE Consultation with a CosMediTour Client Manager to discuss your requirement. (Gold Coast – Breast Augmentation procedures only; Sydney – Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation and Lift, Breast Augmentation Revision procedures only)

After the enquiry stage and you are keen to proceed, then the Online Assessment Form (on this website), is required to be submitted with all personal details, medical information, expectations and clear images as per instructions page.

2. Surgical Recommendation

After your information and images have been received, they will be pre-screened for acceptance (for either Gold Coast or Sydney) and a $1000 deposit is payable. Information is then sent to the Plastic Surgeons Clinic for review and Surgical Recommendation with your procedure technique and estimate surgery cost.

Note –  If you are a non local to Gold Coast or Sydney, there is a required time that you have to stay post surgery, which will be noted in the Surgical Recommendation.

3. Dates Confirmed

If you accept the Surgical Recommendation and wish to proceed, dates, booking arrangements and documentation will begin and final procedure invoice will be issued.
You will have face to face consultation with the surgeon to prior to your booked surgery date. Generally 2 days prior to surgery if flying into the Gold Coast or Sydney. If local, up to 6 weeks prior.


After consultation and discussion with the Plastic Surgeon, all is agreed and any final costs will be payable and surgery will follow. There will be preparation for theatre, General Anaesthesia administered, Surgery and then recovery monitored by Nursing Personnel and Anaesthetist. A script will be provided for pain medication and antibiotics.

If local you must have an adult collect you and take you home if flying in you must have a companion take you back to your hotel OR a support person/nurse can be organised to accompany you. (discuss with your Client Manager). A post surgery check up date will also be given for you to return to the clinic for checkup and suture removal.

5. Ongoing Support

Your CosMediTour Client Manager will remain in contact during your recovery to ensure everything is going well and discuss your results and overall ‘Surgical’ experience.

Have a question, or would you like to enquire about a procedure?