Introducing CosMediTour’s Newest Australian Destination for Cosmetic Surgery – Sydney!

Introducing CosMediTour’s newest Australian destination for Cosmetic Surgery – Sydney!

CosMediTour is Australasia’s No.1 Medical Travel Agency to Thailand and the Gold Coast. And now, we’re excited to introduce our newest Australian location for Cosmetic Surgery in the country’s biggest city and most visited tourist destination – Sydney!

Being the No.1 Agency in Australasia we could not jeopardise our brand and business reputation by aligning CosMediTour with cut-price Australian breast surgery. For us it had to be the best or not at all! This year we’ll send over 1,000 Australian and NZ women to Thailand and for Breast Augmentation and other breast surgery and assist countless women with Breast Augmentation surgery here on the Gold Coast  – performed by some of Thailand and Australia’s leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.  There is no alternative – our Australian Breast Augmentations are performed by ONLY Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Surgery procedures that will be available for our clients at our Hospitals in Sydney are:

  • Breast Augmentation with Round Implants from $5,990
  • Breast Augmentation with Tear Drop Implants from $6,990
  • Breast Augmentation with Nipple Lift & Tear Drop Implants from $8,990
  • Breast Revision (Round or Tear Drop Implants) from $8,990
  • Breast Augmentation with full Lift (Round or Tear Drop Implants) from $13,990

We are offering these procedures in Sydney, with surgery by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, General Anaesthesia with a FANZCA accredited Specialist Anaesthetist, the highest quality German manufactured Polytech implants, and surgery in an ACHS accredited Hospital – and yet at a price comparable to the cut-price boob jobs being offered by Cosmetic Doctors with lesser quality implants in day Clinics.

Additionally, CosMediTour have entered into an exclusive alliance with Australian Cosmetic Clinics in Sydney. In accordance to our partnership, we are proudly offering our clients a wider range of surgery procedures from Standard Breast Augmentations to more complex surgeries such as Breast Lifts and Breast Revision surgery performed by Plastic Surgeons and Reconstructive surgeons, under full General Anesthesia at Hurstville Private Hospital in

For more information about our surgery procedures in Sydney, call us on 1300 000 MED or send us an email

Written by CosMediTour Australia

CosMediTour is a Medical Tourism Company based on the Gold Coast, Australia, promoting plastic surgery and dental treatments to Thailand & Australia.

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